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Beware the pleasant community satan worshippers in Satanic Panic trailer

Rebecca Romijn stars as a prime society devotee of the satan wanting a virgin sacrifice in Satanic Panic.

A pizza supply lady runs afoul of a rich socialite and her satanic cult in Satanic Panic, a brand new horror comedy from Director Chelsea Stardust. Sure, it is roughly a bonkers premise, however the trailer is a large number of a laugh, mining the similar cheekily irreverent vein because the Happy Death Day motion pictures.

Samantha “Sam” Craft (Hayley Griffith) is a pizza supply lady with regrets. She took this task for the guidelines, which became out to be a foul trade determination. “In 4 hours, my overall profits are an expired Applebees coupon and a sweater that smells like racism,” she complains. But if an order is available in from the well-heeled enclave of Mill Basin, she takes at the task, even if its technically out of doors the joint’s supply zone—it sounds as if at the assumption that she’ll in any case get a good tip. What she will get as an alternative is captured by way of a satanic cult wanting a virgin sacrifice so they are able to summon Baphomet, a demon from hell, thereby making sure they keep wealthy and on best. “Loss of life to the susceptible, wealth to the sturdy!” cult chief Danica Ross (Rebecca Romijn) publicizes.

Sam does not appear to be fully with out, er, allies. The skeevy, lecherous Samuel Ross (Jerry O’Connell) helpfully provides to deflower her to save lots of her pores and skin: “No virgin, no sacrifice. Let me offer protection to you.” Her absolute best wager is Danica’s rebellious daughter Judi (Ruby Modine), who warns, “My mother and her butt friends are booty-calling Baphomet. And they are no longer gonna prevent til you are strapped to a barbed cord altar.” Positive, Danica and her acolytes have the entire energy, however Sam and Judi have younger spunk and a prepared want to reside. This being a comedy, I love their possibilities.

In fact, “satanic panic” is a real real-world phenomenon of mass hysteria that reached its peak within the 1980s, and isn’t any giggling subject—under no circumstances for the ones falsely accused of ritual abuse.  However as Thomas Browne as soon as seen, “The satan… the proud spirit can not undergo to be mocked.” So perhaps Satanic Panic is doing the Lord’s paintings by way of conserving the entire tawdry reduce to rubble for richly deserved ridicule.

Satanic Panic opens in theaters on September 6, 2019.

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